A USA Dance National Qualifying Event




Wayne & Marie Crowder

Chair of Judges


Sami Ylipiipari



Yang Chen

Music Director


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Lee Fulk & Michelle Crowder

Deck Captain & Coordinator


Burt & Flo Jackson

Our Adjudicators

Katrina Volgina


Katrina is a professional competitor, coach, choreographer and adjudicator.  Before moving to the United States in 2007, Katrina danced competitively in Russia for 20 years and represented Russia at international competitions including the 1998 Olympic Asian Games. As an instructor, Katrina has taught children and adults all over the world, including Korea, China, Macau, and Hong Kong. Once in the United States Katrina opened Volga Dance Academy, the most successful competitive dance program for children in the Southeast. With her focus on fitness, gymnastics, and dance Katrina has developed some of the area’s best junior, adult, and pro/am students. In 2014 she became the organizer of the amateur competition The Volga Cup, which is held each year to promote Junior DanceSport. Katrina is a FNDL USA Representative, WDC International Adjudicator and USA Dance A+ B+ C+ D+ E+ National Adjudicator. 

Anatoli Gorolevici


A+, B+, C+, D+

Originally from Moldova, Anatoli started dancing at the age of 7. He competed in International Latin, International Standard and 10 Dance Championships. 

At the age of sixteen, Anatoli moved to Italy where he continued to improve his dancing in 

Naples, Milano, and Rimini. In 2002 and 2003, Anatoli won the Italian National Championships in Formation Standard. In 2006, Anatoli moved to Boston, MA where he is currently teaching and competing in Professional International Standard division with his partner Irina 


Representatives at World and European Professional Standard Championships. 

During their dance career together they won and became finalists at many major competitions. 

Anatoli continues to work with some of the greatest coaches in the world to constantly improve his dance knowledge.  

Dana Edwards


Dana is a World DanceSport Federation and USA Dance Adjudicating Official,

International Adjudicator in Canada as well as, a Head Adjudicator for Collegiate competitions. She holds her Licentiate American degrees in Ballroom, Rhythm and Theatre Arts with the United States Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing and her International Latin and Ballroom license with WDSF, and Licentiate

degrees in International Ballroom and Latin with Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. She has recently passed her conversion exams in Latin and Standard with the WDSF. She also holds her Smooth and Rhythm degrees through FADS.

She is a retired NDCA Open Professional competitor. She has competed in International Latin and Standard however, she found her main success as a NDCA Professional American Smooth and Rising Star American Rhythm Champion and a Fred Astaire Professional American and Canadian /American Smooth Champion. 

Phillip Stephens



WDSF A Adjudicator

USA Dance Invigilator

ISTD Fellowship Degrees in International Ballroom and Latin

USISTD Fellowship Degrees in American Smooth and Rhythm

USISTD Licentiate Degree in Theatre Arts 

ISTD Licentiate Degree in Viennese Waltz


Former Treasurer and Past President, USISTD

Former USISTD Board of Trustees Secretary and Member

Adjudicated USA Dance NQEs, USA Dance National Championships, Ohio Star Ball, US DanceSport Championships, Heart of America, Texas Challenge and Collegiate events.

Lecturer on American style at ISTD Congress in Worthing, UK.

Phillip was the 1989 Eastern United States Rising Star American Smooth Champion and has won or placed in the finals of several competitions; including Heritage Classic, Heart of America, Minnesota Open and Ohio Star Ball. He began his teaching career in 1972 and owned an independent studio in Houston, Texas for 29 years.  Phillip has coached amateur and professional couples and has organized numerous showcases and competitions.  He organized the 2014 Transplant Games of America Ballroom Dance Competition.  Since selling his studio, Phillip continues to coach and adjudicate across the US.  Currently he is also president of USA Dance Houston Chapter 5003.

Kathryn Schaffer


A+, B+, C+, D+, E+

Ms. Schaffer is a former North American Professional International Standard Champion and a former United States Professional International Standard Champion. As well as winning the Ohio Star Ball and countless other Championships with several partners, Kathryn was a finalist in many open to the world competitions. She has been the United States Representative in several world championships including those held in England, Denmark, and Japan. Kathryn was honored to be a member of the highly prestigious Blackpool International Team Match. She is also the recipient of the very prestigious Feather Award.
Kathryn Schaffer is a Certified World Class Adjudicator holding highly commended fellow in International Standard, International Latin, American Smooth, American Rhythm, and Theatre Arts with the N. A. D. T. A.     A+, B+, C+, D+, E+.
Since retiring from competition, Ms. Schaffer has maintained an extremely active schedule as an Adjudicator, Lecturer, and Coach throughout the United States. 

Christopher Skates


A+, B+, C+, D+, E+

Chris began dancing at the age of 6 in London England, which utlimately resulted in several Prestigious National Championships. He became the United Kingdom and European Ballroom and Latin Junior Champion at the age of 15. Also at age, 15 Chris became the South of England and North of England Junior Champion.
Chris is the winner of many National and International Ballroom and Latin Junior Championships and was a Grand Finalist in both Ballroom and Latin at the British Open (Blackpool).
Turning Professional at 17, Chris began teaching and judging throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. He operated his own studio in London, England for 15 years. 
In 1993, Chris move to the U.S.A, where he now lives in Florida. Chris continues to travel, coach, and judge nationwide. 
Chris is fully qualified in all 5 styles: A+, B+, C+, D+, and E+.

Kim Smith


Kimberly Smith has been teaching dancing for 37 years and has owned and operated Dr. Dance Studio, Inc. in Birmingham for 31 years.  Kim has enjoyed a fulfilling career as a professional competitor, pro/am competitor, teacher and currently coaches amateur and professional couples.   She holds both Memberships and Fellowships with the North American Dance Teachers Association and Licentiates with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, which embodies the world’s acknowledged leaders in the dance profession.  She continues to proudly serve the society on the National Committee as Treasurer of the USISTD. As an adjudicator, Kim is a WDSF  A 3.0 adjudicator and has had the honor of judging the WDSF World Sr. I Latin Championships as well as many Open WDSF Championship events.  Kim leads the newly formed Exam Department of USA Dance and serves on the Professional Council.

Steve Hadley


Stephen Hadley began his professional dance career with the Arthur Murray organization. As a professional competitor,  he is a former  Championship finalist in both Standard and Latin and represented the United States at the European Cup.  He served as Chairman of the Southeastern Regional Dance Board and was a member of the International Dance Board for Arthur Murray, Inc.  Steve holds Fellowships with the North American Dance Teachers Association in Standard,Latin, American Smooth, Rhythm and Theater Arts.  He has been a proud member of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing for 47 years and currently serves on the National Committee.  Steve is a WDSF A 3.0 adjudicator and has had the honor to judge the World Youth Latin Championships in addition to many OpenChampionship events.  .

Trevor Luff


Adjudicator for WDSF, USA Dancesport, and collegiate competitions , Invigilator for USA Dancesport competitions, and Chairman of judges for collegiate competitions, adjudicated/invigilated  USA Dancesport Nationals 2015.

He is also an Examiner for the WDSF and USA Dance.

WDSF Certified and Certified with Standard, Latin, Judging System2.1.
Triple Licentiate degree’s through the USISTD: American Smooth, rhythm, & Theatrearts.
Dual Fellowship degree’s I.S.T.D. International Standard & Latin.  Travelled throughout most of Asia teaching in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Taught for over 25 years; organizing Medal tests, local Competitions and Dances.

Patricia Goh M.Sc., CPA, CISA – Canada


WDSF & CDS Chair+A+B+C+D+, WDSF Formation, WDSF Showdance, NCA, Scrutineer

WDSF Chairperson, WDSF PD Adjudicator, WDSF Adjudicator

Patricia is the President of Canada DanceSport Professional Division.  She also serves on the WDSF Equality Commission, Technical Systems Committee and Sports Policies Development Committee.

Patricia is a Chairperson of Adjudicators at major competitions that include national and provincial championships and had chaired the WDSF World Championships.  Patricia, a WDSF World Championship Adjudicator, regularly represents Canada judging various World championships and national championships globally and most recently, the Grand Slam Finals in Shanghai.   

Amongst her competitive laurels are Canadian Ontario Adult Standard and Adult 10-Dance Champion, North American Professional Rising Star Standard Vice Champion, Adult Latin Bronze Medallist, Canadian and North American Professional, Adult Standard and Ten Dance Grand Finalist.  

Patricia coaches and shares her passion of dancing with dance enthusiasts and athletes of different ages and levels.  She is a competition organizer, a World Championship event coordinator and a recipient of Canadian Ontario DanceSport Award of Distinction.  Patricia has been featured in magazines, newspapers, radio talk shows and television shows. She is also a strong supporter of charitable and community events and participates actively in these events.

In addition to holding advanced certifications in International and American dance disciplines, Patricia also holds advanced certification in music and ballet.  Furthermore, Patricia holds a business school master’s degree, a professional designation in IT Audit and the CPA professional accounting designation.

Phil Lee MA., CPA – Canada


WDSF Chairperson, WDSF PD Adjudicator, WDSF Adjudicator

WDSF& CDS Chair+ A+B+C+D+, WDSF Formation, WDSF Showdance, NCA, Scrutineer

Phil is a WDSF Chairperson, WDSF Formation and Showdance Adjudicator, WDSF Adjudicator, WDSF PD Adjudicator, National Championship Chair of Adjudicators and National Championship Adjudicator in International and American styles (A+, B+, C+ D+), and a Certified Scrutineer. He frequently represents Canada judging WDSF competitions and is a Chairperson of Adjudicators at major Canadian competitions.  

Amongst Phil’s many competitive laurels are Canadian Ontario Adult Standard and Adult 10-Dance Champion, North American Professional Rising Star Standard Vice Champion, Canadian Ontario Adult Latin Bronze Medallist, Canadian and North American Professional, Adult Standard and Ten Dance Grand Finalist. 

Phil enjoys coaching competitive dancers from novice to championship levels and teaching new talents.  Phil is a competition organizer, served as an executive council member of Ontario’s dance teachers association and is a CDS examiner. He was also awarded the Ontario DanceSport Award of Distinction for his significant contribution to dancesport.  Phil is a business school graduate with a master’s degree and holds a professional CPA accounting designation.